The water that accumulates in the body for different reasons is called edema. Edema, known as transudate in the medical world, can be seen in different parts of the body. It often causes the person to think that they have gained weight, but it is just bloating. Therefore, getting rid of edema is much easier than burning fat.

You can remove edema from your body with a few special recipes and exercises without any diet program. When you practice prevention and proper nutrition perfectly, you reduce the chances of your body collecting edema. It is extra important to pay attention to every detail, from your diet to your sleeping habits. Thus, the body can take the desired form.

Reduce salt consumption!

The body needs salt within a certain amount. The salt balance, which is insufficient for some and excessive for others, is determined according to this need. In addition, according to research, Turkey is unfortunately one of the countries where salt is used the most. The habit of adding salt to food before tasting it and believing that everything is salt-free are very common.

The foods eaten have their own salt content. Overdoing the supplementation will cause the body to accumulate water through salt. 1 gram of salt traps 200 ml of water in the body. As the amount of salt increases, the amount of water retained will also increase. You should use as little as possible to flavor your dishes with different spices. When you reduce the use of salt, you can also get rid of the edema accumulated in your body.

Get rid of edema by consuming parsley!

The more green leafy vegetables you eat during the day, the healthier and fitter your body will look. Green vegetables facilitate the elimination of harmful substances accumulated in the body. Parsley, which makes its effect felt especially on the digestive and excretory system, facilitates the removal of excess water accumulated with edema.

You should consume parsley every morning at breakfast, provided that it is fresh. You should also drink parsley juice 1 hour before going to sleep every night. When preparing the parsley juice, you should use the whole parsley. The stems are as useful as the leaves.

When the green juice of the parsley you boil in a glass of water starts to come out, it is ready. You should drink with rest and continue this habit. Thus, you can get rid of the edema that has taken place in your body more easily.

Eat nettles!

Nettle, known as one of the plants that accelerate metabolism most quickly, facilitates the body’s work. The plant, which is especially preferred by those who have problems with their weight, gives positive results in many ways. Stinging nettle has different uses. When you use it in any way, you need to make sure that it does not cause allergies to your body.

You can throw nettle into a glass of water, boil it and drink the water. This is one of the fastest edema removal methods. If you have trouble drinking the water, you can eat it just like spinach. Simply roasting it with onion and tomato paste and eating it as a meal will also work. Although nettle is avoided due to itching and restlessness while preparing it, it is a very successful plant in removing the body that has taken place in the body.

Consume yogurt and kefir!

The main reason why the metabolism accumulates water over time is that it does not work fast enough, it traps water. This excess water causes the person to experience bloating and feel heavier. To prevent this, you should definitely add products that support your metabolism to your diet.

The two best examples are yogurt and kefir, which facilitate digestion and accelerate the body’s recovery. Eating a bowl of yogurt during the day will help you get rid of your edema in a short time. You should make sure that the yogurt you prefer is probiotic. Likewise, drinking a glass of your own natural kefir every day will help you get rid of your edema and get rid of your excess weight.

Control what you drink!

Alcohol, which expands the water reservoir in the body and ensures continuous absorption of water, is among the main causes of edema. Alcohol-induced edema can occur not only in the internal organs but also in the hands, feet and face. The edema in your body caused by alcohol is also caused by acidic and caffeinated drinks.

If you regularly consume cola-style acidic drinks every day, you will experience localized swelling. Therefore, you should eliminate these drinks from your life. When you stay away from drinks that harm your body, you can see that the edema disappears by itself. The swelling will soon give way to relief.

Get rid of edema by exercising!

The fastest way to get rid of edema is to exercise. In addition to paying attention to what you eat and drink, you also need to increase your level of exercise. Every day when you wake up in the morning, you should walk for half an hour on an empty stomach.

Walking helps the metabolism to recover, to get rid of everything that is excess. In addition, you can remove edema by doing mini exercises every day before going to sleep.

You can get rid of the edema accumulated in your body when you make simple exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats that can be done at home regular and get into the habit. Especially hand, foot and belly edema can easily end thanks to exercise.


A body of water that has accumulated in any part of the body will grow even more without your intervention. After a while, it will cause hardening, pain and discomfort in that area. Therefore, it is very important to recognize and intervene early.

Many individuals with edema problems can prevent this through massage. Edema is a problem that often renews itself. For this reason, regular edema massage will help your body to relax.

With lymphatic massage, the body will make itself firmer and the accumulated water will be removed in a short time. At the same time, it will be possible to get rid of the problems you experience due to edema.

Stay away from sugary foods!

Sugar is a food group that causes edema as much as salt. This is mainly because a lot of water is needed to digest sugar. When the body realizes that it has consumed too much sugar, it starts to store water. Therefore, this water that accumulates at any point in the body will try to digest and dissolve the sugar.

When you reduce your daily sugar intake, your body will stop storing water. Therefore, the excess water will be disposed of.

Eat apricots!

You can dissolve the water mass in your body with your eating habits and exercises. For this, you should definitely add apricots to your daily nutrition chart. Apricot, one of the most effective foods on the digestive system, is also one of the fastest-acting edema removers. With this feature, it can end the unnecessary water accumulated in the body, which is mistaken for weight.

Consuming a handful of apricots every day is enough to find a solution to the problem of edema. It does not matter whether you consume dried or fresh apricots, but the effect of fresh apricots will be a little faster. For this reason, you should definitely eat it fresh when it is in season.

Boil the cherry stalk!

There are many ways to remove excess water accumulated in the body. Many of these are natural methods that have been tried for centuries. The most commonly used and well-known method is with cherries and cherry stalks.

If you have localized swelling due to edema, you can flush it out with the toilet. Eating a bowl of fresh cherries during the day will help dissolve the edema. In addition, you can accelerate the elimination of edema with cherry stem juice.

Boil 1 cup of cherry stalks in 1 cup of water. Cook for another 2 minutes after boiling. Consume 1 glass in 2 days. Thus, you may notice that the edema starts to resolve within 2 weeks at the latest.

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