We are in the first place in the countries that consume the most bread with 179 kilograms of bread consumption per person per year. Our traditional food bread is the centrepiece of our tables at every meal. But do we know how to consume bread correctly?

Bread must be consumed for a healthy and balanced diet, but you should consume the right bread produced under hygienic conditions, rich in whole grain grain protein and minerals, not empty bread!

We do not know how to consume bread correctly!

Bread, which is indispensable for every meal, is one of our main food sources. We consume an average of 150 kg per person per year. However, we do not know how to choose and consume the right bread.

Turks consume empty bread, Europeans consume the right bread!

Although bread is consumed at a high rate in Turkey, the consumption of empty bread, which we call white bread made from white flour, which does not contain protein, vitamins and minerals and all nutritional elements are removed, is high. Empty bread does not contribute positively to nutrition. In Europe, on the other hand, individuals meet 30 per cent of the protein, 50 per cent of the carbohydrate, 50 per cent of the B group vitamins and 75 per cent of the E vitamins they need to take daily with the right bread consumption.

What is the right bread?

Bread must be consumed for a healthy and balanced diet. The right bread is bread made from the right flour with rich content. Whole grain bread with plenty of fibre, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, produced under hygienic conditions with flour produced from whole grain is the right bread.

Proper bread consumption regulates bad cholesterol!

Whole grain bread consumption also regulates bad cholesterol. By consuming whole grain bread, you can fight bad cholesterol while eating a diet rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

The right bread does not make you fat, it helps weight control!

It is essential to consume bread to be healthy and fit. The right bread does not make you fat. Whole grain breads help weight control by keeping you full. Consuming the wrong bread, not the right bread, causes weight gain. Empty bread that does not give a feeling of saturation and has no nutritional value causes weight gain. For weight control, it is important what and how much bread you consume. Whole grain bread triggers fat burning.

Don’t let your bread be touched!

Do you know how many hands come into contact with bread during the process from its production to our tables? Special bread packaging, developed as a result of many years of R&D studies, preserves the nutritional value and ideal moisture content of your bread, while at the same time ensuring that it reaches you untouched during the process of coming to your table.

Heart health that comes with the consumption of 3 slices of cereal bread a day!

American scientist Prof. Dr. Julie Miller Jones, who is described as the “superwoman of grain” in the world, determines the benefits of whole grain bread for human health in many studies she has conducted and recommends consuming 3 slices of whole grain bread a day. Jones states that there are studies conducted with a large number of participants worldwide showing that the risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease is 30 per cent less in those who follow this diet.

Start your day with a whole grain breakfast!

A breakfast made with whole grain breads allows you to start the day much more vigorous and your feeling of satiety lasts longer. By consuming a few slices of whole grain bread, you can meet a significant portion of your daily vitamin and mineral needs.

Whole grain bread with high fibre helps regulate the digestive system!

Proper bread consumption provides numerous benefits to our health. Whole grain bread regulates the digestive system with its high fibre structure. It strengthens the immune system. By strengthening the muscles, it meets the need for carbohydrates after sports.

Consuming the right bread reduces stress levels!

Brown group breads, besides being nutritious, have the ability to prevent diseases and regulate the circulatory system. It also helps weight control by triggering fat burning. It reduces the stress level.

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