If we said without dieting, we meant that we do not bind you to those classic diet lists. We do not say eat this in the morning, eat this in the evening. We put things in front of you that will help you lose weight by giving you some advice. Those who have the will can walk with us and enter the summer beautifully, just sayin’.

  • Water is your biggest helper in this process. It is both nutritious, filling and prevents you from eating too much. Therefore, drinking a glass of water, especially before meals, will keep you full.
  • Eliminate poor quality carbohydrates from your life. For example, instead of white bread, white sugar, rice and pasta, choose whole grain bread, honey, bulgur, whole wheat pasta.
  • Develop a new eating pattern. Eat often but keep your portions small. Try having a bowl of yogurt, a bowl of salad, a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts and a glass of milk.
  • Avoid diet products. Yes, diet products are something we eat too much of because they are low in calories anyway. However, this is actually harmful. Especially the ones with added sweeteners are the most harmful.
  • Another thing that is as difficult as dieting is doing regular sports or going to the gym. Instead, you can add movement to your life, dance to a song you like every day, go for half-hour walks.

  • Try the following for sweet cravings: A piece of dark chocolate, 1 milk dessert, a bowl of yogurt with honey or a glass of cinnamon milk. It may be hard at first, but you’ll get used to it. It will even feel sweet.
  • You can stay full for a long time by eating things that fill you up. For example a boiled egg, a piece of meat, an avocado. You should not eat dinner too late. Otherwise you won’t be able to digest what you eat and you’ll have insomnia on top of that.
  • The more sleep deprived you are, the more you eat. Because your body needs energy and if it can’t get it from sleep, it wants to get it from food. That’s why you should sleep at least 7 hours a day, maximum 9 hours.
  • Staying hungry for a long time lowers blood sugar. This makes it difficult to lose weight. So have a snack without waiting for your stomach to signal you.
  • Avoid cola, diet cola, concentrated fruit juice and excessive alcohol consumption. Instead, you can prefer freshly squeezed fruit juices, 1-2 cups of black coffee, black soda and water.

Get moving, the sun is coming to warm us up. Make your way home every day, remember that small details make a difference.



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