Getting rid of excess weight and having the body of your dreams is almost everyone’s dream. But unfortunately, not everyone can be very successful in dieting and strictly following diet programs. Now, what if we told you that you can get rid of your weight just by organizing your kitchen the right way? In other words, organize your kitchen in such a way that you can lose weight without even having to eat a matchbox of cheese in the morning. It’s not a dream, it’s a reality. Let your kitchen make you slim.

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Keep your kitchen countertop always neat and clean
It’s not just about hygiene and making your work in the kitchen more efficient. The more cluttered your kitchen counter and the more food you have on it, the more you will involuntarily reach for it. For example, think about how many times you have put that chocolate bar on the counter in your mouth. If it wasn’t there, you wouldn’t even think of eating it, would you?

Always keep a bowl of fruit on the counter!

What if it wasn’t chocolate you were reaching for, but an apple? Here’s the secret: It’s all about accessibility. Because a piece of fruit on the counter will satisfy your hunger and prevent you from reaching for your junk food stash or opening the refrigerator door. Who wins? You and your dream weight 🙂 In our previous example, we talked about how likely it is that you will eat the chocolate you find on the counter without thinking or even realizing it.

And one more exception: Water, lots and lots of water!

This is a great solution for those who say “I always forget to drink water”, for those who are too lazy to drink water. We just said that it’s all about “accessibility”, if you see a bottle of water in front of you, you will instantly remember to drink it, right? Those who think they don’t drink enough water and want to lose weight will notice that they drink more water if they leave water bottles and jugs on the kitchen counter. Those who are worried that “the water will get hot outside” can of course get mini water dispensers. Is it worth your health?

Put everything else in kitchen drawers and the fridge

Keep things you shouldn’t eat out of sight and limit their accessibility. For example, keep all junk food in one drawer. And before you open that drawer, make a habit of asking yourself the following question: “Am I hungry? Do I really need to eat this?” Over time, you will realize that you don’t eat as much junk food as you used to.

In your fridge, make sure to put healthy foods in the front and calorie-rich foods in the back!

Again, the “accessibility” part comes into play here. We know that the first food you see when you open your fridge will catch your eye and your hand will go there. For this reason, the further back you put calorie-dense foods, the less likely you are to eat them. In short, reorganize your fridge by putting the healthy foods in the front and the ones you think will make you gain weight in the back.

Use colorful plates and bowls!

Research shows that people tend to put less food on their plates than usual if the color of the plate and the food on the plate are contrasting. This is because the research also shows that when the color of the food and the plate are the same, people don’t realize how much food they are putting on their plates, so they eat more than they should. Just in case, keep different colored plates in your kitchen and prepare your table accordingly. Research shows that people tend to put less food on their plates than usual if the color of the plate contrasts with the color of the food on the plate.

It’s not enough to be colorful: Opt for small plates!

After all, the bigger the plate, the more we tend to put food on it until it is full. Human psychology is designed this way, there is nothing to do. Because the same portion of food on a small plate will feel like a lot more than on a big plate, and it will fill your eyes before your stomach. Most probably, if you had put the same portion on a bigger plate, you would have said, “I won’t be satisfied with this” and taken another spoonful. You are fine again.

Make sure you have a music device near your dining table!

It can be a radio, your laptop, or even your cell phone. As long as you get into the habit of listening to slow music while eating. We specifically said slow music because research shows that human behavior has an instinct to imitate the music we listen to. In other words, when you listen to slow music, you eat more slowly; on the contrary, when you listen to fast-paced music, you devour your plate in seconds. Especially those who say “I eat too fast and it makes me gain weight” should try this method 🙂

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