While we make a lot of effort to be healthy, sometimes we forget the most important thing: drinking water. Since 60% of our body is water, we need to drink about 2 liters of water daily to meet this need. It is possible to make drinking water more fun and delicious. Flavored waters make it easier for you to drink water in a natural and healthy way!

Both Delicious and Useful

Flavored waters, which you can easily make at home, are very effective in burning fat, regulating digestion, detoxing, accelerating metabolism and balancing blood sugar. So, how can you make flavored waters?

Determine how you want to flavor your water and choose the fruits and herbs to put in the water accordingly. Then dice or slice the fruit and put it in a jug with 1 liter of water along with the herbs. Leave this water in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours. This way the water will take on the color, aroma and taste of the ingredients.

The longer the mixture rests, the more pronounced the flavor becomes. To get more aroma, lightly crushing the ingredients will bring out the aroma even more. To extract the aroma of the greens, you can crush the leaves. You can get a fresher taste by adding 1/5 of mineral water to normal water.

Why flavored water?

  • Healthy, delicious, fresh,
  • To replace the consumption of soda, sugary and acidic drinks with naturally sweetened water,
  • To add both health and flavor to the water we need daily with nutrients beneficial to health,
  • To encourage people who drink little water to drink water,

With this method, drinking water will become much more enjoyable. The healthy vegetables and fruits you put in the water will help you both lose weight and detoxify. Removing edema is a very important detail in the weight loss process. The fat that breaks down in the body is excreted with urine and sweating. Edema-removing waters both help to expel fats with urine and cleanse the blood and organs.

Purified drinking water is one of the healthiest and most sensible ways to obtain fresh drinking water that is microbiologically fit for drinking and free of heavy metals. Those who work at a desk should keep a jug of water in front of them; those who work outside the office should carry their water in healthy glass bottles.

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